Leader in Wind Farm Construction, Hight Voltage Station and Repowering

Our field of expertise is focused primarily on the project management and support of wind farm construction. We can also offer assistance missions and expert assessment of project development and advice during the operational phase of the wind farms. We are project managers for the constructions of roads, crane pad, foundation, electrical cabling and commissioning of wind turbines and high voltage station.
Our independent company offers you a tailor-made service in which the quality of our work along with technical and financial optimisation is our priority.

More than 1200 MW of wind power, 630 MW of high voltage stations.

The History of Elys

Elys’president Vincent Brare founded the company in 2008 with his lifelong partner Anaïs Albert. With 5 years of work experience and an engineering degree in construction and renewable energies, Vincent Brare decided to focus his attention on the construction of wind farms. With his know-how, tenacity and ingenuity he quickly developed his business and established it as a leader in the field.

Since 2008, Elys has assisted over 30 projects and has participated in the installation of more than 700MW of wind energy across France and Luxembourg. Today, Elys is composed of 20 qualified and employees situated in different locations throughout France. Their experience, communication skills and know-how enable them to provide a quality tailor-made service that is unrivalled in the field.

Elys : Today and Tomorrow

Elys intends to stabilize the size of its company. Indeed, by restraining the number of its employees, the society protects its flexibility, the share of its now-how and its team cohesion.

In order to assist its customers further, Elys plan to develop the electrical engineering of wind farms with the design and construction of ‘poste HTB’ (High voltage station >50 000V). In 2014, Elys elaborated and suppervised the construction of its very first hight voltage station 21/90KV with two 45 MVA transformers. In 2015, Elys carried through the project management of its first ‘HTB’ station 33/225KV for EDF-EN.

Currently Elys is working in France and Luxembourg and have plans to expand its services to other countries for future projects. All team members are bilingual in English/French and the majority can speak a third language fluently. Although ambitious to expand our horizons, Elys is conscious of protecting the quality of its service and for this reason will approach the internationalization process cautiously.

65 built projects,  more than 180M€ of infrastructure work.

logo-h2air Thanks to the experience and organization of ELYS’ team, we work with experts who master the wind farm constructions and its connection to high voltage station. The team always has relevant solutions to unexpected construction problems. Having ELYS as project manager means that you insure the quality and the deadlines along with secured construction sites and investment.
Roy Mahfouz – CEO H2AIR
logo-boralex Boralex has been benefiting from Elys’ services for many years and has an experience of almost 10 years with some members of the team. The service is flexible and adapted to our needs which may be different from one project to another. Its technical quality expertise and its good knowledge of its subcontractors made Elys a perfect long-term partner to Boralex.  
Patrick DECOSTRE – Europe General Manager
logo-edf For EDF ENERGIES NOUVELLES, ELYS has become a trusted partner which masters all the aspects of wind farm projects while being open to our proposals.
Cédric ROGER – Head of construction France

Our team

Vincent BRARE

Vincent Brare

Président and founder of Elys


Anaïs Albert

Human Resources Director


Johan Julien

Head of law and finance

Antoine BERCON

Antoine Berçon

Project Manager and Team Leader – Electrotechnician Engineer


Benjamin Lévêque

Head of Paris agency


Guillaume FAUTHOUX

ELYS ESPANA Director - Civil Engineer


Amine Araqi Houssaïni

Project Manager and Head of Casablanca agency


Yan Fournier

Head of electrical department


Vincent Yvin

Project Manager – Mechanical Engineering Engineer


Thierry Ternois

Project Manager - Civil Engineering Engineer

Mickael CARIOU

Mickaël Cariou

Project Manager - Electrical Engineer


Danko Mandič

Project Manager - Renewable energy and civil engineering


Patrick BERTIN

Project Manager - Renewable energy and civil engineering



Project Manager - Generalist Engineer



Assistant Project Manager - Renewable energy and civil engineering


Youssef SRIKAH

Project Manager - Electrical and Mechanical Engineer


Christophe CALCET

Site Manager - Environmental and Civil Engineer


Francine PETNGA

Electrical Engineer